Saturday, February 6, 2010

He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother

Tonight: He calls to ask Tom about the appetizer we served them the last time they were here, in our Gay House, for family Christmas.

"It was a bacon wrapped something. I want to make it for SuperBowl tomorrow. What WAS it?"

Hand the wePhone to Tom.

"Fig, maybe, but I only do fresh, not sure, this was years ago. Fresh figs are hard to find"

Jon: "So, an apricot might do? I want to IMPRESS."

"Yes," Tom said, " you can place an almond in the apricot, or whatEVER you can find, and wrap it around the one-third slice of bacon."

"But what made it MAGIC," our Brother asked. Something was different.

"Teriyake," Tom suggested, " marinade ANYthing in teriyake and people will be happy. Top with sesame seeds for extra crunch."

Then, my favorite part of this story. He texts later and his wife is at their (Meade Co.) Kroger and he says: Jen is at Kroger and can't find them. We don't HAVE a Disco Kroger in Meade Co."

We result to actual phone call (like an ANIMAL) and I share with him these golden nuggets:

1. Disco Kroger is a legend, they don't have ANYTHING.

2. Don't expect your spouse to be able to find what you really mean on your list, even if she IS the Food Nutritionist for Meade County Schools (see @Jupiter2012 blog.)

3. ANYTHING you wrap in bacon will be ALOT of trouble, in the wrapping alone, but you at least are trying. The WOMEN in the SuperBowl house will be, at least impressed, at most JEALOUS, which is VERY important.

AND, thank you for calling, @jboygolf brother.

You love Palin, and I love you. Above and beyond politics: We are KIN.

Baby brother calling Tom for FoodGay advice from my quarter of a century partner, with whom he played tennis when he was but a tween.

There are Saints in the Superbowl tomorrow, I hear. And Colts, willing to run wild in the fields of self discovery.

I don't see how I can lose on any account, with a brother like Jon, and a partner like Tom.


  1. Very sweet. And Jon was a way better tennis player. Don't think I ever won. Was fun, though.

  2. if your brother really said Disco Kroger, he must now be my Brother-in-Law