Monday, February 15, 2010

1/2 m v^2 + p + m g y = energy = constant

I could not for the life of me get the entire Bee Gees album "Spirits Having Flown" out of my head late last week. Like a bad dream or nightmare. We know that all it really takes is telling another, or others, about these kinds of things to let them escape. But then, THEY are left with it. I chose to keep this particular earbug to myself. Because, I'm just that generous of heart. Like my Tom says, I'm a Keeper.

This, of course, led to me living with the particularly rancid "Tragedy" for days. And in THIS weather.

Then, at a particularly delicious gathering of souls this weekend, I was able to once AGAIN not mention my 1979 malady with which I was contending. Instead, I held my head high and got involved (read: needle my way) into other sensoral conversations. Music I really like was playing in the background, and sometimes foreground. There was talk of buttercream. There was ACTUAL buttercream (these people walk the walk). No one in this crowd even mentioned Hopscotch, but it made me dance to think about what if they did. I'm fairly certain if a pair of dice had appeared, the doctors in the house would have taken to placing bets and raising money for the Woodford Humane Society.

Before I knew it, after some discussion of Bernoulli's Equation, the Brother's Gibb competely left my mind. Or at least "Tragedy".

Unfortunately, Barry, Robin, and Maurice Gibb have now moved on into my head with "Too Much Heaven."

But you know what? I can deal with that, much more than Tragedy. Nobody gets Too Much Heaven no more.

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