Friday, February 26, 2010

The February Issue

"Oh, but don't worry. Yet. It's going to be the biggest in our history."
The search for acceptance and validation may be the most kindred and evil of spirits. Something we all need. The kindness of strangers; not so much. The realness of our friends; Amen.
We live in a world confined by fear. Trapped. Forever searching for the next thing that will make us whole. Or less.
I look to my partner, Tom, to provide me with the solace of relationship that gets me through. He nearly, always, does. Escape. I know: I am blessed beyond believable.
There is truth in the passion of our life together. Counted not so much by years; but by days and weeks and every September Issue that we have been blessed to publish.
Anna Wintour has not been hovering over our every photo or sentence, pose or phrase. Editing us down to TomandMichael, or MichaelandTom.
A power more so than She, has.
Our friends. Our faith. Our knowing, that every month, there is more left on the Editor's floor than can ever be published.

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  1. Very sweet....and true. Every day is an adventure and a blessing.