Sunday, April 4, 2010

R2D2, Where Are You?

"-the future seemed to be teasing us, rubbing against us, frotting us irresistibly...The future blew into our ears and whispered to us we could do everything..."
-StJude's Diary May 20, 2002

We're online, in line, for anything.  Everything.  iPlugged, hairWeaved, deToxed, boToxed. 

Technology.  Was knowledge intended?  And if so, when did knowledge leave from that word?  Techknowledgey.  Doesn't look right, spelled that way, does it?  Anything you can do iCan do better.  iCan do anything better than you. 

The heirloom of July tomatoes?  Ordered from, from my iPhone: check.  There's an app for that.  (sorry Louis' PowerHour, I don't listen to that station anymore since Jack sent that offensive tweet).  I'll be sure to post a picture of them when they start to grow.  Want to taste?  Text me.

Am I alone in missing the monthly Kentucky Theater refridgerator calendar?  Prob.  BRB, gotta check the daily showtimes on Facebook and Twitter. 

Are we more connected than ever before, in this now-expected techno is everything world?  Txt 1 4 yes, txt 2 4 no.

I'm a friend of  :) , but really, really like a smile from a stranger on the street.  Every now and then.  When I'm not on the phone. 

"...we could map the primate wired-in stuff and REWIRE it- we could mutate ourselves smarter and kinder.  We could mutate... and solve all our problems, personal and scientific.  We could- - -
No more.  Our future is here."    StJude's Diary   May 20, 2002

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