Wednesday, April 28, 2010


You Okay Honey?

Damn, I'm old.  And enjoying every minute of it.

Can't be back there at the Nederlander Theatre on April 26, 1996.  Wasn't there for the 5,124th and final performance.  Never met Jonathan Larson, but consider him my friend.

Through the years; me.  At once Mark; in turns Roger.  Mimi:  Never really  got her (but in so many ways, am).

Sondheim inspired.  Amazing.  Bold.  Dramatically Dead Jonathan; like a Gower Champion whose 42nd Street was not yet paved.

And now it comes again, after all these years, back to haunt me, this RENT.  In my own now-claimed town.  Outdoors?  In a field of summer?  Absolutely.

I kind of hope it rains.  Okay, mists.  8:15 each evening thirty minutes prior to curtain. Just enough to try and put out the candle that can never be extinguished. 

I'll be there on the front row of dreams, taking a call from Alexi Darling.


  1. I know exactly how you feel.... after all these years to be involved in this show. It's kinda hard to describe, but please, for Mimi, and my sake.... no rain. Joe Cannon Artz :)

  2. OK, no rain. But regardless of the weather, it's going to be HOT. mjansenmiller