Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Little Engine That DID

Tonight, I have lived a Story Book.

There were princesses wearing favorite dresses. 

Table set. The promised rain waited until most of the gathered had arrived. Helping the cast look flawless on arrival. A little fiction.

He arrived, the Honored, with his Lover by his side.  Took their place at the table.

Presents were lauded.  Drinks were poured.

As if Walt Disney himself had a hand in it, and not the latterday saints, even a-most-cutest-dog-ever showed up. 

Later, dances were danced, and all the people of this Story Book tale had their chance to, well, dance.

At the beginning of this Once Upon A Time is a boy named Jason.  He came out to his parents, by the way, this same week, as a proud gay son.  At the end is a Graduate.

I know you can.


  1. What a lovely way to think of last night! Had such a great time. And Jupiter even got to be Cinderella and try on my stilettos. :D

  2. I just now read this. Beautiful and thank you. I meant to tell you that I'd finally managed to finally get a poem up on my blog, per your advice. I'm hoping to get a few more on there from time to time.