Monday, January 25, 2010

Ring, Ring, de Banjo!

Let's be honest. There comes a time in each new year when promises become real. Or mosttimes, these days, forsaken.

Tonight, I got mine. Real. So SOON.

I've a man. Tom is brilliant, the light of my life.

Friends, I've had a few. Dear, dear friends. One particular friend who has brought me through so many hard times comes to mind as I write this. Let's call her Rita. I have let her down so many times and she has built me up to many times to mention. Thank you, Rita, for the way you have, and continue to shape my life. And put up with my frequent absence.

Then there's this new person. And the people that surround her. And she has made my new year's promise real.

One of Her rules is: If you have a birthday, she makes your favorite meal. And she means it. She's so golden she actually let's you CHOOSE when it happens.

It happened tonight.

Come with me. Remember that time when you walked around an unexpected corner of a home and saw, before you, a beautiful candle-lit table set just for YOU. A place at the table set by a card with YOUR name on it? When the food was at your bequest and the host defines every Be Our Guest Disney song because you know she absolutely, positively means it. For YOU.

This has been that kind of night. DAYS after my actual DOB and love is on the table. She decides Fiddle should stop by, because he loves me, too. And this other; an awesome English New Media Professor, on her way to DiscoKroger for God only knows what people of Academia shop for on a Monday night.

As IF the meal itself were not delicious enough, another friend brought over maybe the best coconut creme pie I've had since my Granny passed.

And, so, thank you, Banjo. Ring, Ring de Banjo!

My lub, I'll hab to leabe you

While de ribber's runnin' high;

But I nebber can deceibe you

So don't you wipe your eye.

I's guine to make some money;But I'll come anodder day

I'll come again my honey, If I hab to work my way.

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